Adam Wallace, in collaboration with Kid’s Book Creator Capital, Just Write For Kids Australia and Books On Tour PR & Marketing, has designed a series of short courses designed to inspire, empower and bring success to children’s book creators! I am thrilled to share Adam’s launch of his new venture in helping others master their craft in creating, inspiring others with their creations, and establishing a fulfilling career with children’s books.


Adam’s School Visits 101 course for children’s creators

“I have been doing school visits for eight years, and I still learnt so much from doing Adam’s course. It was great to get confirmation of the things I was doing right, reaffirm my why and get the ‘nod’ from the king of kids himself about ways to get school visits. What surprised me the most was Adam’s tips for creating a session, how to control the crowd, letting children share and involving teachers. I loved the extra resources and out of the box thinking. There is assigned homework, along with a 90 page workbook that enhances the learning of the videos. It is easy to follow and able to be digested in bite size pieces, or binged for the brave. I would highly recommend this course not only to creatives starting out with school visits, but those already in the trenches in order to fluff up their nest of knowledge.” Michelle Worthington

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A little bit about Adam Wallace

Adam Wallace is a New York Times bestselling author who writes every single day, no exceptions. He plans to do that every day for the rest of his life, and he plans on living to 130!

From self-publishing through to traditional publishing, Adam now has had over 80 books published, and has had his books read on the White House Lawn and Kim and Kanye’s house!

Adam runs workshops for kids on both cartooning and writing that are fun and interactive, based on Adam’s unique and comedic approach. Some of his popular books include the hilarious Cowboy and Birdbrain series, the Accidentally Awesome series, the awesome ‘How to Catch…’ series, the inspiring Invisible Jerry, and the new, Fartboy series, just to name a few. Adam’s new Kid’s Book Creator Capital courses aim to give every creator the chance to shine, inspire as many kids as possible, and make a living from doing what they love.

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