Workshops for Authors and Illustrators

Our Workshops

Learn From Industry Experts

Published authors and industry professionals will be sharing their journey to publication and will also be discussing what publishers want, how to pitch to publishers and how to market yourself as an author or illustrator.


Have Your Questions Answered

The journey towards publication is different for each of our guest speakers and they will be sharing tips, trials and triumphs in a series of talks, Q and A panels and interactive online workshops.


Professional and Personal Development

Join a community of creatives who are dedicated to living their best life by engaging in social events, fundraising projects and personal development opportunities.

Corporate Storytelling

Does you team need help with rediscovering the power of storytelling? Award winning author and businesswoman Michelle Worthington can tailor corporate workshops to your needs to help unleash the power of storytelling in your business.

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Sharing Your Story

What you do matters, your story matters, by sharing your story, you could change a life, maybe even your own!